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Free Act 48 Credits Online

Get Free Act 48 Credits Online
Other Sources of Act 48 Credits

    Model Teaching [www.modelteaching.com]- offers low-cost Act 48 credit courses.  Register for a bundle of courses[https://www.modelteaching.com/professional-development/build-your-own-pd-bundle] to earn credits for as low as $1 per credit or less.  Or, register for individual courses for as little as $10 per course [https://www.modelteaching.com/professional-development-courses/?filter_field_credit_type_2%5B%5D=Professional%20Development&filter=1]

    Use coupon code teach-pittsburgh-5off to register for any 1 Act 48 credit hour Model Teaching Quick Course for only $5 per course [modelteaching.com/quick-courses]  [expires December 31, 2021]

    Check your Act 48 Credits
    • You can check your Act 48 Credits on the PDE website here.
    • If you don't know your PPID, you can get it here.

    * Want your link here?  Send it to us at info@pghedujobs.com