Propel Schools

Vacancies as of date posted:
Science and Technology Teacher at Propel Andrew Street High School
College & Career Counselor - Propel Andrew Street High School
Special Education Teacher-Propel Hazelwood (K-8)
Propel Teacher Residency Program - Priority Application
Propel Residency Program - ABCTE Track Through the ABCTE Teacher Residency Program
High School Chemistry Teacher at Propel Montour High School
High School Special Education Teacher at Propel Andrew Street School
Instrumental Music Teacher at Propel Northside & Propel Montour Elem
Math Teacher at Propel Andrew Street High School
Music Teacher at Propel Homestead
Assistant Principal - Propel Braddock Hills Elementary (Grades K-5)
Special Education Teacher-Propel Pitcairn
Afterschool Social Emotional Learning Specialist
Afterschool Artist
Afterschool Site Coordinator
Afterschool Site Supervisor
Assistant Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Math)
Site Assistant at Propel Northside Community Wellness Center (Part-Time)
Instructional Coach-Propel Braddock Hills Elementary School
Partners in Wellness Project Manager
Movement Artist In Residence
2018-19 Spanish Teacher-Propel Montour Middle/High School
2018-19 Middle School Spanish Teacher

Location: Pittsburgh, PA
County: Allegheny

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